The first thing that impressed me about Francine Warren was her lovely smile, which lit up the dining room where she served me coffee the first time we met. The second thing that impressed me was the collection of colorful canvas that surrounded us as we sipped coffee and got to know one another. Francine’s dining room walls were lined with a candy-colored collection of contemporary abstract art, some of which she was just putting the finishing touches on. I learned that Francine had spent the past few years perfecting her talent for poured acrylic painting, and she needed a new website to display and sell her collection online. I was thrilled with the opportunity to design a backdrop that would allow Francine to exhibit her growing portfolio of work.

I have seen a variety of poured paintings and all are delightful examples of contemporary art; however, Francine’s paintings stand apart from the rest due to her ability to tell a story using color. Certain works in shades of blues and greens evoke strong feelings of ocean waves on sandy beaches, while shapes of familiar silhouettes bleed through other works in contrasting hues of red, black and white.

Francine’s amazing eye for color is evident throughout each of her different collections of art, which I chose to showcase in realisitc settings, to give the viewer a better sense of how her art would look in thier decorated space.

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Francine’s art was displayed online in a gallery style setting, encouraging visitors to try the art on, in a sense